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Kimberly Saxton and Associates, PLLC
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Charlotte, NC 28204

     Are you considering starting a new business in North Carolina? Are you currently running a business and considering expanding? The business attorneys at Kimberly Saxton & Associates, PLLC can help you navigate these processes. We can identify and explain the types of business forms which should be considered in setting up your business. We can also help identify business liability issues, start up costs and management concerns. We will draft and file all government registration documents necessary for your business. We will draft all necessary tax forms and gather all the necessary permits and registrations required under local, state and federal regulations. Throughout this process the attorneys at Kimberly Saxton & Associates, PLLC will keep your goals as the foremost priority, assuring a strong foundation for your business venture.

We will do all of the following to ensure that your business is appropriately established under the laws of the State of North Carolina:

  • Check Name availability;
  • Draft Articles of Incorporation;
  • Draft Company Bylaws;
  • Draft Forms and Instructions for Future Shareholders;
  • Draft Employer Identification Number (EIN) Forms; and
  • Provide Forms and Instructions to Help You Handle State Tax Issues.

If you are in need of a firm to handle your business start-up issues or if your established business is in need of corporate counsel, please contact us today at 704-335-0015.

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