8.0 What is a PJC? (Prayer for Judgment Continued)
July 15, 2016

A Prayer for Judgment Continued, or a PJC, is quite beneficial to clients in regards to North Carolina law. Only a judge may grant you a PJC in the state of North Carolina, and it is usually reserved for traffic violations or petty misdemeanors. A PJC allows a defendant to plead guilty to a crime, without having a sentence entered against them. When granted a PJC, the prosecutor will count it as a conviction. When a person is granted a PJC, they may only be ordered to pay the costs of court; there can be no fines or other fees with a PJC.

     A PJC is particularly useful in traffic matters to avoid points being assessed to your driving record by the DMV, or points being assessed to your insurance record by your insurer. Although a PJC seems ideal to most clients, there are some situations where judges cannot grant a PJC. A judge cannot grant a PJC for a speeding ticket if the charge is in excess of 25 miles per hour. Additionally, a judge cannot grant a PJC for a charge of Driving While Impaired. DMV will not recognize a PJC for a person holding a Commercial Driver's License (CDL). For driver’s license purposes, a person can have up to two (2) PJC’s within a five (5) year period without any points being assessed or any impact on their driving record.  For automobile insurance purposes, a person can have one PJC per household (or insurance policy) every three (3) years without any insurance premium increase.

     Each case is different. Thus, in order to best answer the question, “Is a PJC recommended for my case?”,  it is strongly advised that you speak to an attorney in our office so that the attorney can analyze your unique situation and provide you specific answers to whether a PJC is recommended in your case.