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Why Do I Need An Attorney?

As experienced trial attorneys in North Carolina, we understand that any contact with the court system can be a frightening and intimidating experience. If you have a legal issue you need someone that knows the law and has your best interest at heart. The attorneys at Kimberly Saxton and Associates, PLLC will provide you with a complete understanding of the law and sound advice that will protect your rights and give you the ability to make an informed decision about your case. Our attorneys have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to make this possible.

Why Choose Kimberly Saxton and associates?

Our clients are always clearly informed about the cost of representation as well as any foreseeable costs due to the court system or other related entities. While representation fees vary depending on the type of case, we will provide the best representation at competitive prices. Our office is organized to handle each client on a personal basis and we promise to be thorough and to fight aggressively on your behalf in resolving your specific legal needs.

Our  law firm  is conveniently located in the First Ward district in uptown Charlotte, minutes from popular tourist destinations and highways.  This location makes it easy for you to find a reliable local criminal and family law attorney. We offer free on-site parking.

  Please contact us for a consultation regarding any of these legal areas and be assured your trust and confidence are our highest priority. If you are looking for an attorney in North Carolina - call  Kimberly Saxton and Associates, PLLC today!