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traffic Ticket Lawyers

     As experienced attorneys, we know a conviction for a traffic-related offense can have long-term effects such as license revocation, fines, insurance increases, and points added to your driving record.  More serious charges may have consequences such as jail time. Please DO NOT try to handle these charges without an attorney.  We urge you to call us to discuss this matter as soon as possible so that we may be of immediate assistance to you in dealing with this stressful and complicated situation at an affordable cost.  

​We handle all kinds of Traffic matters including:  
• Driving While License Revoked   
• Driving While License Revoked for an Impaired Driving Revocation 
• Driving While Commercial Driver’s License Disqualified 
• Failure to Appear after an Implied Consent Offense Charge 
• Impaired Driving 
• Impaired Driving in a Commercial Vehicle 
• Operating a Commercial Vehicle after Consuming Alcohol 
• Operating a School Bus, School Activity Bus, or Child Care Vehicle after Consuming Alcohol 
• Habitual Impaired Driving 
• Driving by a Person under 21 after Consuming Alcohol or Drugs 
• Serious Injury by a Vehicle 
• Aggressive Driving 
• Reckless Driving 
• Willful Racing 
• Prearranged Racing 
• Hit and Run 
• Passing or Failing to Stop for a Stopped School Bus  
• Failure to Stop, Move Over, or Slow Down for an Emergency Vehicle  
• Speeding to Elude Arrest 
• Speeding 
• Speeding in Work Zone 
​• Speeding in School Zone